Having an Open Mind

Every day of our lives we are exposed to new ideas. These very ideas advance our technology, ease suffering, establish peace, and generally make the world a better place in which to live. In order for a new idea to have a positive effect on society and the human race, it must be accepted by others.

Some ideas, like the use of computers, have been accepted rather quickly whereas other ideas, like world peace may just always be “too idealistic” to be universally accepted. While we cannot force our ideas or beliefs on anyone, we can learn to live with an open mind and accept new ideas that will empower us and bring us closer to success.

I think having an “open mind” is really important

I would like to explain why. Someone with an open mind is a person who is willing to accept new ideas and beliefs, or someone who has “emptied his cup” which is a common saying in martial arts circles. In most cases, people have open minds on some subjects and closed minds
on others.

Unfortunately, many people have closed minds on subjects in which they have disempowering beliefs. For example, those who were brought up with the belief “money is the root of all evil”, have a difficult time accepting the positive influences money can have. Those with open minds avoid ignorance and open themselves up to opportunity by always considering new information.

I am a member of Futurenet

This is because I’ve always been open to new ideas and concepts. After being formed in 2013, the company, now with more than 200,000 members, is stronger than ever…with a business model that lets each and every member make money. This is quite revolutionary to say the least!

It’s an incredible feeling to be part of an awesome worldwide community that supports and cares for each other.  This only makes the deal even sweeter 🙂

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