Is network marketing to be blamed for your lack of desire and discipline??

Hey fellas!

I have finally joined FutureNet, and I have to say I’ve never been more thrilled! There was an interesting experience for me recently on Facebook. It happened through one of my friends. He, like so many other people, seems to have the wrong kind of notion about network marketing. And me, who is such a big believer in it, thought it was my place to try and alter his perception a bit. I am not too sure if it would work…LOL.

FutureNet is not a network marketing company by the way. It’s a social media platform first and foremost which also has a revenue sharing component to it that shares its profits every 15 minutes with all members. A damn good deal in itself!

Alright…now back to my point..

What actually happened was my friend ran across a newspaper article which had exposed a company in India as a fraudulent multilevel marketing company. He posted the newspaper article on Facebook and said that all his dreams about becoming a rich entrepreneur through network marketing were shattered due to this incident! I thought it was quite shortsighted on his part to say that.

The following, in quotes, was my reply –

“I have said this before, and I will say it again. A person who only has a dream of being rich and won’t take any action to reach there will never become rich. If he finds all the reasons in the world to justify his inaction, then he will only spend his whole life dreaming. And yes, the vast majority falls in this category. They only “dream” because they don’t want it enough. Those who want it enough will also dream, but they will ALSO follow up on that dream with some concrete action and won’t make silly excuses for not doing anything because excuses are a proven route to failure.

Network marketing is just ONE way to reach there, and not the ONLY way. It just happens to be one of the easiest ways for the common man who doesn’t have a huge capital to start with, but again, only for the common man who has the ability to think and recognize an opportunity when he sees one…the common man who can distinguish good from bad. The majority does not fall in the category of “think for yourself”. They fall in the category of “believe only what the media feeds me” and NOT think or even LOOK outside of it.

This is what I told him, “There are certainly many fraudulent companies operating in the network marketing space. I read the article. PACL Limited is obviously a fraudulent enterprise just like there are so many “educational” institutions that are fraudulent. Does this make formal education a bad thing and stop children from studying? I guess not.

The majority votes for some of the most corrupt and evil people to RULE THEM! Does this make governance a bad thing? I don’t think so because I’m a discerning individual. I do go by media reports, yes, but I ALSO think for myself. I also completely understand your thinking because this is exactly how I used to think and talk many years ago till I started educating myself more on the topic and “unlearned” a lot of stuff that was common societal perception. I am not sure if this would make sense to you, but these are my thoughts ”

I guess my friend was blaming network marketing when the truth was he lacked true desire. Friends, we are all born intelligent. It’s our job to use our brains in the best manner and “think for ourselves”.

I have always wanted to be rich and I will continue my pursuit with all my energy. I’m well on my way to getting there. To know more about the business that I’m in that’s changing people’s lives in an unprecedented manner, please Click Here. I can guarantee that you’ll be amazed by what you see!

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Having an Open Mind

Every day of our lives we are exposed to new ideas. These very ideas advance our technology, ease suffering, establish peace, and generally make the world a better place in which to live. In order for a new idea to have a positive effect on society and the human race, it must be accepted by others.

Some ideas, like the use of computers, have been accepted rather quickly whereas other ideas, like world peace may just always be “too idealistic” to be universally accepted. While we cannot force our ideas or beliefs on anyone, we can learn to live with an open mind and accept new ideas that will empower us and bring us closer to success.

I think having an “open mind” is really important

I would like to explain why. Someone with an open mind is a person who is willing to accept new ideas and beliefs, or someone who has “emptied his cup” which is a common saying in martial arts circles. In most cases, people have open minds on some subjects and closed minds
on others.

Unfortunately, many people have closed minds on subjects in which they have disempowering beliefs. For example, those who were brought up with the belief “money is the root of all evil”, have a difficult time accepting the positive influences money can have. Those with open minds avoid ignorance and open themselves up to opportunity by always considering new information.

I am a member of Futurenet

This is because I’ve always been open to new ideas and concepts. After being formed in 2013, the company, now with more than 200,000 members, is stronger than ever…with a business model that lets each and every member make money. This is quite revolutionary to say the least!

It’s an incredible feeling to be part of an awesome worldwide community that supports and cares for each other.  This only makes the deal even sweeter 🙂

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How do you handle the toughest situations?


Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by your problems that you simply feel like throwing in the towel and running away from it all?

You’re not alone. We’ve all  been there some time or the other.  But the fact of the matter is some of the greatest of men in history have had it worse!  AND they triumphed against all odds.

Do you ever think about that when the going gets tough?  I do…I always do to keep my sanity intact 🙂  This video that you see below was created when I was overwhelmed by a burst of inspiration.  You can see me talk about one of the greatest men in history who triumphed against seemingly insurmountable odds…and I simply had to share my message with the world!

Check it out!

Hope you got some value out of my video.  Please do leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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When is the Right Time to Start Working on your Passion?

There is always a reason to delay taking action. I interpret this as coming from people who are not sincere to their own selves and their dreams, and the dreams and aspirations of their loved ones. That’s what it really is because none of the successful people became successful because everything was right for them and picture-perfect. They never believed in the perfect time, but they did believe in themselves and their dreams. If you do your research on some of the most successful businessmen or simply some of the most successful people, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

There is always a reason to delay things, but when we are doing that we should also remember that we are cheating ourselves when we really DO want something extra from life and know deep down that we haven’t become the best that we can actually be. That’s how I look at it these days. If your dog has recovered from its sickness, your mom might fall ill, and when she recovers something else could go wrong and so on and so forth. There is no such thing as a perfect time. It might as well be a myth. And this is exactly the reason I created this video 🙂

Today, one of my friends who isn’t too happy with his life, and desires change, said that he had too many things on his mind and that he needed some time. Is this situation exclusive to him? Don’t we all have that? He is obviously finding an excuse and does not want to change his life badly enough. That’s the only truth there is here. He said he was unhappy with his life, but was also looking at ways to not do anything right away to change his life.

He is procrastinating like so many of us do. This can only be interpreted as “I don’t want to change my life ENOUGH.” Some even wait forever for that perfect opportunity, and that just might never come. As far as I’m concerned it’s all about making the best use of the opportunities that are right in front of us.

I’d love to hear your comments! Thanks guys 🙂