Why I LOVE Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard is one of the reasons for me to actually get into online marketing back in 2010. My journey hasn’t exactly been easy, but I can definitely say that it has been worth it now that I’m getting set to get out of the rat race…aka 9 to 5, and completely living life on my own terms. For starters, Mike is a person who used to toil in a Chinese restaurant for long hours, often till 2 am at night, every night, but never letting go of his hopes and dreams of living his life on his own terms. It was his network marketing success that finally freed him, and he did it the online way like so many smart and enterprising people do it these days. He has moved on to much bigger things since then.

There was an e-mail that I received from him recently that once again got me inspired, recharged my batteries, and shot up my adrenalin! I would like to share a bit from that. If it inspires you, it’s great because we deserve the best since we have only one shot at this thing called “life”. One day as his shift in the restaurant came to an end, he finally mustered enough courage to go to his boss and say that it was his last day, and that he would be pursuing his dreams from that day forward. His boss responded to him with the following words:

“I understand Mike, but you should hold onto those in case things don’t work out. That home business stuff is just a dream. I’ll bet you’ll be back here within two weeks…” Mike kindly replied with, “No… I’ll never be here again.”

But the fact of the matter is that he did return five years later…in his brand new Aston Martin. He indeed did live to realize his dream, and how!!

Mike can be seen on the right of Richard Branson

Now this is a seriously inspiring story of courage and determination for me (apart from all the other things that Mike has done for the home-based business industry over the past many years). It’s about how to never ever “settle” in life.

The fact of the matter is that we are all capable of this more or less, but the million-dollar question is, “HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT IT??”

Those who absolutely want it no matter what will go the whole hog like Mike did. The others will not really act because they are subconsciously happy and comfortable with where they are in life even though they might dream of the best possible life for them.


Mike obviously had to start out the hard way to become a multi-millionaire, but guess what? Things are not all that hard these days to do business online and really change our lives. Now DO NOT get me wrong, you absolutely DO have to work hard to reach where you want to, but the movement that I’m a part of is making things a lot easier for ordinary folks like myself.

To know more about the movement that I’m a part of that now has over 230,000 affiliates, you can watch the video and join our  fast-growing team for FREE and gain access to a set of resources that nobody else has in the industry right now! ANYONE can do it as long as they keep things simple.

Be the best that YOU can be.

Feel free to leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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