Are You Low On Inspiration?

Have you ever been low on inspiration?

If you’re like most people then I bet you would have
at some point or the other in your life.
And what do you do in such situations? Of course,
there are a lot of things we can do like talk to friends,
read good self-help books etc..
I always get more inspired when comparing my personal
challenges with those of great leaders who have changed
the course of history, and immediately realize how tiny
my challenges really are! It also helps me to stay
more focused.
Check out this video I had created back in 2014 when I
was struggling with credit card debt.

That was a really tough time for me, but I was never defeated inside.
I still go back to this video from time to time for inspiration 🙂
I hope you get some value out of my video.
Feel free to leave your comments below if it helped you in any way.
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