Employee Mindset vs Entrepreneur Mindset

As you probably know, success in anything really boils down to mindset..

An entrepreneur is somebody who is willing to take a risk by investing his money in the hope of a return on investment. He understands that business is a risk and he can possibly lose it all, BUT his burning desire and hunger for success is far beyond his fear of failure. He has conditioned his mind in such a way that he only sees positivity regardless of the outcome. He’s self driven by his own willpower. He’ll do whatever it takes because he’s motivated towards his goals and his vision pulls him.

An employee is someone who is scared to invest his hard earned money because he cannot see any security or any form of guarantee for his investment. Since most opportunities involve a bit of risk, he prefers to play it safe. He would spend countless hours researching which opportunities are risk-free and which ones are the best to finally conclude that successful people are just born lucky!

A person with an employee mindset will only invest if he is promised a guarantee on his money; else he will label the opportunity a scam or say this does’t work or is simply not for me.

My final thoughts..

Entrepreneurs are comfortable to keep spending their money despite making losses, but employees will quit spending the moment they see no return. Entrepreneurs are willing to invest their money seeking Freedom whereas Employees are willing to exchange their time for money and so called security. That’s why in reality most employees work for entrepreneurs.

So which mindset do YOU possess? Take a moment and ask yourself
this question.
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Keep winning!